Tempeh Tacos with corn salsa

A great healthy way to end a weekend and bring the family together to fix tacos. A simple recipe that showcases fresh organic vegetables with citrus flavors and ofcourse Tempeh for the vegan protein that is crisp and hearty.

1-DSC_0739Tempeh is a traditional fermented soy product that originated in Indonesia but readily available is local organic or international markets. Similar to Tofu Tempeh’s fermentation process and its retention of the whole bean gives it a higher content of protein, dietary fiber, and vitamins.

1-DSC_0733Cube a bar of store bought Tempeh and sauté the pieces until they are toasted. This will be your protein.

For the salsa, mix together organic corn kernels, chopped red onion, green and red pepper, jalapeño pepper, roma tomatoes, cilantro. Add juice or one whole lemon, salt and pepper.

1-DSC_0717 1-DSC_0724You can also have a plate of chopped lettuce and sliced avocados and lime wedges.

For the veggies – sear on high heat onions, red and green pepper with salt and pepper and 2 cloves of garlic.

1-DSC_0730Heat organic corn tortillas ( I got these at Whole foods) on a cast iron pan.

Have the family come together and assemble the tacos as they like them.


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