Kashmiri Chutney – Dodh AL ( Bottle Gourd in Yoghurt)

Kashmiri culture and ways of preparing the food lends to its exquisite and unique taste. An art form which is then accented by how the food is served….in copper dishes, with flavorful white rice, rich yoghurt and tart chutneys. In the series of Kashmiri chutneys, this one is a little unusual and delightful. Made withContinue reading “Kashmiri Chutney – Dodh AL ( Bottle Gourd in Yoghurt)”

Roasted Tomato and Garlic Chutney

It was a surreal summer filled with travels, sorrows, beauty, love and new perspectives. When I got back to my veggie garden after weeks of being away the tomatoes ( among other vegetables) were screaming to be picked turned into something divine. My first instinct was to get all of them out to friends andContinue reading “Roasted Tomato and Garlic Chutney”

Pickled Vegetables – Kashmiri Achar

Fermented foods are  probiotic powerhouses  boosting the good bacteria in your gut and helping with overall health and immunity “Achar” is a form of fermented food in the Indian subcontinent and essentially is a pickling process. It is one of the oldest methods of food preservation, sustaining communities through changing climate and seasons where the lifeContinue reading “Pickled Vegetables – Kashmiri Achar”

Gand Chetin – Kashmiri Onion Chutney

This is a traditional Onion Chutney that accompanies many a feasts and dinners in Kashmir. The process is a quick pickling process which is very simple bringing out the tart and savory flavors. The recipe call for dry mint but fresh would be fine if you are out of stock. I dry my mint inContinue reading “Gand Chetin – Kashmiri Onion Chutney”

Garlic Greens and Cilantro Mint Chutney

Although it has been incessantly raining, spring is kind of here lurking behind the clouds and walls of rain! I harvested my spring garlic greens stalks to allow the bulbs to grow strong and firm in a couple of months. The smell was intense and heady but much milder that garlic bulbs  and I wantedContinue reading “Garlic Greens and Cilantro Mint Chutney”

Walnut and Radish Chutney

In the series of amazing chutneys inspired by the Kashmir cuisine, this is the one I make most often. I have made quite a few variations so feel free to experiment. Walnuts and White daikon radish  are the star ingredient in this recipe both of which are abundantly found in supermarkets. Try and look forContinue reading “Walnut and Radish Chutney”

Walnut Basil Pesto – preserving summer basil

Got an abundance of summer basil and parsley and not quite sure how to make it last? Try this recipe: 1 cup organic walnuts 6 cups fresh basil leaves( blanched in boiling water for 30 secs and cooled in a water bath) 1 cup parsley 1 tsp salt fresh ground pepper i head of garlicContinue reading “Walnut Basil Pesto – preserving summer basil”

Coriander Coconut chutney

I am always exploring good and healing Ayurvedic recipes. The simplicity and balance found in such form of cooking balances the pittas and is good for the soul. This is a variation of a Coriander chutney that I found on an Ayurvedic website and was inspired to try it out. Coriander also known and Cilantro containsContinue reading “Coriander Coconut chutney”