Nun Chai ( Kashmiri tea)

On a cold winter day, decided to reblog this savory tea.

Food For The Soul

Kashmiri Nun Chai


Nun Chai was not traditionally made in our house while I was growing up so I relied on other resources to savor this wonderful salty tea. Memories include waiting for the housekeeper to wake up or knocking on the their shack behind our house to get a cupful. Earlier memories revolve around waiting for Sunday afternoons when the very old “dai” would walk 5 miles to our house and I would coax her into making me tea. Sitting outside early mornings or lazy afternoons, this tea always warmed my soul.

With no access to a Samovar, hot coals and time…the recipe below is simple, inspired by a verbal recipe rally between friends and some experiments at home. Variations and secrets are welcome.


Nun Chai leaves are green tea not black tea so try to use the authentic leaves ( borrow from friends)

Use good baking soda…

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