Kadoo Borani – Afghan braised pumpkin

A beautiful spice braised pumpkin served with garlicky yoghurt.
As soon as there is a chill in the air and the pumpkins are ripe and sweet, it is time to make this humble, sweet and savory vegetarian dish from Afghanistan. I have never visited this beautiful country but my ancestors came from there. It seems the lineage attracts me to the beautiful cuisine:)

Sprouted Mung Falafel

This incredibly versatile legume has sustained human living through the centuries. Mung beans are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. When you sprout Mung it reduces the levels of phytic acid and they end up having fewer calories but have more antioxidants and amino acids. Besides the science they are superbly delicious and…

Pumpkin Rogan Josh – Kashmiri

The thought of Rogan josh immediately invokes deep rooted memories of family gatherings infused with love and the fragrance of spices that make this deeply flavored and rich colored broth. A signature dish of the Kashmiri cuisine, it is usually made with Lamb or Goat and  flavored with the famous Kashmiri Chilies. Growing up that…

Rose Harissa Paste

This a beautiful version of Harissa paste using dried ancho and small chilies infused with roasted garlic, spices and rose petals. The lemon zest and juice further sparks it up.

Kashmiri Achar

Fermented foods are  probiotic powerhouses  boosting the good bacteria in your gut and helping with overall health and immunity “Achar” is a form of fermented food in the Indian subcontinent and essentially is a pickling process. It is one of the oldest methods of food preservation, sustaining communities through changing climate and seasons where the life…