Koftas in tomato sauce

Something about a tender juicy meatball is so comforting and satisfying. There is a meatball or Kofta dish in just about every culture using a variety of different meats and spices.  This recipe has been inspired by the Lebanese style of cooking similar to Dawood Basha and uses a combination of ground chicken and beefContinue reading “Koftas in tomato sauce”

Leek Dosa fritters

These are lovely as appetizer or an afternoon tea. I was experimenting with the store bought Dosa powder and inspired by recipes other awesome bloggers have posted. Use 1 packet of Dosa powder and 1/2 cup kefir or yoghurt. Add: salt;  1/4 tsp Ajwain(carom seed);  1/2  tsp cumin powder; 1 cup of chopped leeks;  aContinue reading “Leek Dosa fritters”

Lauki and Chana Dal ( a bottle gourd recipe)

Lauki is a wonderfully delicious vegetable and continues to be one of my favourites. Also known as Bottle Gourd, this vegetable is 96% water but full of health benefits with healing properties. I have made many variations of it ranging from Kashmir down to the south. This is pretty common in indian household and isContinue reading “Lauki and Chana Dal ( a bottle gourd recipe)”

Mango Tart

This one is a Mango version of the recipe I did a while back with chocolate and strawberries  It is a heart healthy desert and full of protein and nutrients. You can use fresh ripe mangoes or frozen ones. I happened to have both on hand so used a combination. For the crust you need toContinue reading “Mango Tart”

Nun Chai ( Kashmiri tea)

Kashmiri Nun Chai Nun Chai was not traditionally made in our house while I was growing up so I relied on other resources to savor this wonderful salty tea. Memories include waiting for the housekeeper to wake up or knocking on the their shack behind our house to get a cupful. Earlier memories revolve aroundContinue reading “Nun Chai ( Kashmiri tea)”

Edamame, Beets and Grains

This sumptuous salad is a full meal…You can top it onto some organic greens. The grains are a mix of Quinoa, Amaranth (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amaranth_grain) and Millet slightly toasted and and cooked in a rice cooker. I used a cup of steamed and shelled edamame, 1 cup of roasted chopped beets, couple of sprigs of chopped dill,Continue reading “Edamame, Beets and Grains”

Karela Roti

Bitter Melon or Karela known for its bitter taste and for its ability to fight diabetes. Normally I remove the seeds and use this vegetable in juicing, getting all the nutrients. Using it in a bread recipe was a delicious move. You could also fry the bread and make puri’s and serve with dal. IContinue reading “Karela Roti”