Sweet Basil seed drink- Bebr-i-buel

Bebr-i-buel made with sweet basil seeds is a popular drink in Kashmir primarily used during the month of Ramadan to break fast.

It can be used year round and has a cooling effect. Similar to Chia seeds, basil seeds have been used in food preparation for a long time in the Indian subcontinent. Basil as a herb is used in a variety of cuisines. The seeds form a gelatinous substance in the water that has a cooling effect and other medicinal properties.

Basil seeds are soaked in water for hours before they are mixed milk and sugar. Sometimes people also mix granules of gum arabic (kateer in local parlance) along with it to add cooling effect of the drink.

Apart from refreshing the body it acts as cardio tonic, helps in blood purification, proper functioning of kidney, and cleans urinary system.

Soak a couple of tablespoons of the seeds with a pinch of ground Katheer ( optional) for a couple of hours or overnight.


2-IMG_0487Once the seeds are puffed up they are ready to use

1-IMG_0498Add to chilled Regular or Almond Milk ( I used almond milk) with a tsp of palm sugar to taste.

A refreshing drink that will lift your mood!


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