Power Workout Muffins

If you need that little nutritional boost before and after a workout, this may become a staple. The ingredients are protein packed and what you need to muscle up. I originally saw this recipe by Peggy K on Z living but it has been adapted. I made a batch on Sunday and froze a fewContinue reading “Power Workout Muffins”

Sweet Basil seed drink- Bebr-i-buel

Bebr-i-buel made with sweet basil seeds is a popular drink in Kashmir primarily used during the month of Ramadan to break fast. It can be used year round and has a cooling effect. Similar to Chia seeds, basil seeds have been used in food preparation for a long time in the Indian subcontinent. Basil asContinue reading “Sweet Basil seed drink- Bebr-i-buel”

Mango Tart

This one is a Mango version of the recipe I did a while back with chocolate and strawberries  It is a heart healthy desert and full of protein and nutrients. You can use fresh ripe mangoes or frozen ones. I happened to have both on hand so used a combination. For the crust you need toContinue reading “Mango Tart”

Coconut Kheer ( coconut rice pudding)

This turned out so good that I had to write this blog. Something about kheer is so comforting, this is a twist on the traditional recipe making it a little healthier with all natural ingredients. 2 cups or whole milk 2 cup coconut or almond milk 1/2 cup rice, soaked overnight coconut palm sugar (Continue reading “Coconut Kheer ( coconut rice pudding)”