Walnut and Radish Chutney

In the series of amazing chutneys inspired by the Kashmir cuisine, this is the one I make most often. I have made quite a few variations so feel free to experiment.

Walnut Radish Chutney
Walnut Radish Chutney

Walnuts and White daikon radish  are the star ingredient in this recipe both of which are abundantly found in supermarkets. Try and look for the organic versions.

Walnut are grown abundantly in Kashmir. During my summer trips to Kashmir, I crave for the green raw nuts that can be picked off the trees and opened with a sharp knife to find the sweet white seed inside shaped like a brain. This recipe, of course, uses the dried version of good quality organic walnuts. Walnuts have high antioxidant levels compared to other kinds of nuts or seeds. 

Daikon Radish is a low calorie mild flavored vegetable containing enzymes that aid in fat and starch digestion as well as high levels of vitamin C, phosphorus and potassium. 


crisp white radish/mooli ( about 6 inches)
a cup of walnuts
one red onion
2 -3 fresh green chilis
couple of cloves of garlic
yoghurt ( strained or greek)
salt, black zeera, dry mint
Blend the first 6 ingredients, adjusting the quantities to taste.
mix in Yoghurt and salt.
top with black zeera and some crushed dry mint


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