Salmon with Arugula Walnut Sauce

A beautiful filet of wild salmon, some fresh organic zucchini and arugula were the inspiration for this plate. I am always looking to add spices and tastes from my heritage to my cooking when I can. I also grew up with beautiful large walnuts trees which first gave the succulent raw walnuts which are whiteContinue reading “Salmon with Arugula Walnut Sauce”

Pineapple Harissa Salmon with Tahini Greens

A healthy recipe bursting with deep flavors of pineapple, tahini and rose harissa spice blend. Angie’s  Healthy Recipe Challenge is on and I am pretty late in thinking about combining leafy greens and pineapple. I like spice in my recipes so pineapple is the perfect sweet to cut through those spices. A wild caught salmonContinue reading “Pineapple Harissa Salmon with Tahini Greens”

Tandoori Salmon with Pomegranate Walnut Chutney

A kicked up spiced salmon that is so easy and quick to make. Just marinate and bake. I have made it a little fancier by pairing with turnip greens and a pomegranate walnut radish chutney. This would make a great weeknight night dinner. You make the chutney ahead of time and refrigerate. The greens canContinue reading “Tandoori Salmon with Pomegranate Walnut Chutney”