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Discovering Lotus Seeds


As you take the serene Shikara ride in the lakes of Kashmir in the summer, you are presented with the mesmerizing poetry of Lotus flowers floating beside you. Many ancient civilizations consider the flower scared and spiritual. Fresh Lotus seeds also known in Kashmir as “Pummbuch” are encased in a layers of delightful perfectly formed casings. A symmetrical geometric vision. Once you open up the first layer and remove the pods, the white nuts are encased in another green covering. The raw nuts are delicious to eat. Some cuisines (Chinese, Japanese) also use the dry nuts and its paste but nothing like being on the lake….peeling and savoring each delicious piece as you listen to the gentle sounds of the paddle.

Here are the beautiful picture I took over the summer….


Real Food from a fertile land – Kashmir


I spent the  last 2 weeks in the mesmerizing valley of fresh vegetables…enveloped by rich land, mountains and water. The fertile land and the water makes each vegetable so delicious that each variety feeds your soul. The most abundant is the lake green gourd and then there are the eggplants, the spinach, cucumber, nadru, beans and the list goes on. We cooked these everyday and it was still not enough. This beautiful lady sits on the roadside beside the Dal Lake close to Shalimar gardens, has an infectious laugh, a bit heart and the best crop.