Chicken Thai soup with Forbidden Ramen

Thai cooking has always been a passion, with fresh aromatic ingredients like lemon grass, cilantro, chilies and ginger the possibilities of creating dishes in endless. This cuisine brings to world  the 5 flavors of sweet, salty, sour, bitter and hot. The  subtle variation in proportions of ingredients used highlights these flavors. Soup is always theContinue reading “Chicken Thai soup with Forbidden Ramen”

Coconut Orange Cake

The beauty of a simple cake sweet and infused with grated orange peels and coconut. This recipe is perfect for a sunny weekend afternoon which I spent making this with my teenage daughter. This cake speaks to you with its simplicity and yet complex flavors. Use a organic whole fat coconut milk, really good grassContinue reading “Coconut Orange Cake”

Chia Seed Mango Dessert

A cool dessert for cold winter days….simple, healthy and full of energy from Chia seeds, coconut and fruit.  This version is vegan, dairy free and gluten free. You could use honey instead of coconut nectar and real grass fed creamy milk if you like. The gelatin is also a vegetarian brand. I use Chia seedsContinue reading “Chia Seed Mango Dessert”

Coconut Kheer ( coconut rice pudding)

This turned out so good that I had to write this blog. Something about kheer is so comforting, this is a twist on the traditional recipe making it a little healthier with all natural ingredients. 2 cups or whole milk 2 cup coconut or almond milk 1/2 cup rice, soaked overnight coconut palm sugar (Continue reading “Coconut Kheer ( coconut rice pudding)”