My life was nourished and nurtured in the beautiful vale of Kashmir painted with mountains, lakes, running streams and meadows that know no end. Now in another beautiful part of the world in the US, I cook for the love of good healthy food…that feeds the soul. I recreate recipes that shaped my history and culture. For the love of discovering life and all things that speak to you and urge you on to evolve, touches your soul and make your journey through life a fulfilling experience.

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  1. Malar…thank you so much for the nomination…feels very nice to be appreciated. thanks again and enjoyed visiting your blog.


    1. Thank you Indu…you have some wonderful recipes you have shared on your blog…i particularly have “quinoa and beets” to make on my list and look forward to discovering others 🙂 Take care – Zeba

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      1. Hi Sonal. Follow button should be right below the search on the right side. And another one a little below. Let me know if you still can’t see it and I will have to fix it. Anyway would absolutely love love to help you with Kashmiri recipes. Do take a look at the Kashmiri section of my blog.- all veg recipes. My email is zeba.durrani@gmail.com

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  2. So nice to meet your and find your blog!
    My husband is Kashmiri and we live in Nepal. Already planted seeds for haak, gogji, and harvesting radishes today to make tao mooj! I look forward to following your & hope you’ll check out mine.


    1. Lovely to meet you and enjoyed your blog…So excited to see and the plantings you have done. I lost a big chuck of my veggie to the heat here while I was gone. Getting ready for some fall plantings now which includes radishes and beets! Look forwards to seeing you in the blogosphere again!


  3. Hi Zeba! I am looking forward to co-hosting with you this week at Fiesta Friday! When I have co-hosted in the past, we have divided up the posts into odds and evens, so we can spend some quality time with each of the posts. How does this sound to you? Do you want to take the odds if I take the evens? Let me know…


  4. Oooh, I love what you’re doing here at your blog! Looking forward to following along. I wanted to reach out and invite you to take a look at my new blog: http://christinanifong.com If you like what you see, please sign up for my weekly email newsletter in the sign up box you’ll find here: http://christinanifong.com/category/blog/
    I have changed platforms and this is how I’m connecting with readers now. Thanks for taking a look!


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