Vegetables in Creamy Cashew Curry

A easy oil free curry recipe is possible. The richness of the cashews is what elevates the taste and makes it rich and creamy. Quick and simple enough to be made on weekdays. I actually make the curry paste in a large batch and use it over the week with different vegetables and cheese (paneer)Continue reading “Vegetables in Creamy Cashew Curry”

Lauki and Chana Dal ( a bottle gourd recipe)

Lauki is a wonderfully delicious vegetable and continues to be one of my favourites. Also known as Bottle Gourd, this vegetable is 96% water but full of health benefits with healing properties. I have made many variations of it ranging from Kashmir down to the south. This is pretty common in indian household and isContinue reading “Lauki and Chana Dal ( a bottle gourd recipe)”